Samoan Congregational Community Church of Carson

Church Building Fund

Why build a Sanctuary?

In year 1830 the Missionaries of the London Missionary Society settled in Samoa with the hope of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the islands.  Within ten years of the arrival Samoans were determined that Christianity was the way to salvation.  The commitment and service to God was more than showing love but it was exemplified through works.  To the Samoan community, a church sanctuary is important to learning about that love and the work as we are called to live.   The church sanctuary is a place where Samoans call refuge.  It is where the people are spiritually encouraged and equipped for the continuation of God’s work throughout the world.  In addition, the church building is a focal point to teaching the youth proper Samoan protocol, manners, spiritual growth and a positive attitude that allows them to become good citizens of their own community.  

Since the 1970’s the Samoan Congregational Church has made it a priority to continue the legacy that was started in Samoa hundreds of years ago.   Currently we worship in a multipurpose center and although we strongly feel that God dwells in our midst, we would like to build a sanctuary.  This project has been in our prayers for many years now.  A church sanctuary for the SCC community would serve as a beacon of light to the City of Carson and to the church community, more importantly, the youth will have a place to call their spiritual home.  

Throughout the many years the SCC has been extremely successful in producing fine citizens of the community.  Many have graduated from prestigious universities and continue to serve within the church and the community.  That is a testament of how effective the Samoan Congregational Church is to the community at large.  The SCC community has prayed tirelessly for God to assist us with this project.  Although a long struggle, it took SCC 30 years to be debt free.  We humbly ask your assistance in making our dream a reality.

Construction will start August 16th, 2010 and we’re looking for sponsors or donations.  Every donation is put directly toward the Sanctuary construction.  Your donation is tax deductable.

Make your donation payable to :  Samoan Congregational Community Church.

We thank you in advance for your support.  Please contact Ruta at (310) 350-6685.
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